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I critique for help, as an amator and student as you James : I wish to say you did a job "excellent" as a professional ! Colors and tex...

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Please, I need support and since I am stranger to the world or the social web I will be very glad and grateful of your support. I am trying to succeed my dreams no matter what it cost me. I begin since I was a kid (I had right now 23 years old, and I begin this crazy quest since 6 then 10, and 12 years old) For the love of dreams and imagination help me. It is hard to me today to keep my travel or my project alive or escape from the forgiveness. I want to make my dream come true. Thank you.

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Hi everyone. It's been a while I didn't publish a character. Or even a picture. But I want to tell you a long story about this one;  It was a kid, a young kid nobody can know or unlock his mind. His name is Arnaud, just like mine. His wish was to become a hero or even a great one among the great one. Be in the univers of his dreams like Disney. Blue as the night or the sky, joyful eccentric as the sun, sad and lonely as the moon, he was alone. His only power was hope, imagination, his drawings and his pencils. A little boy blue like in all your fairy tale from Pinocchio to Alice, Mowgli to Nutcracker or even like Gulliver and Willy Wonka. He work and dream strongly for become a hero like Odysseus. Even if he loves monsters, fairies, ponys, wizard, mouses, lion wolf or weird characters. Today, I know another Arnaud; he is hopeless and lose many time, and failed his chances to work into a wonderful realm. He try to make friends, to speak with others even then he is alone like a book forgotten with a sad fairy tale locked. He was cursed and gift of a strong mind and power to paint or turn people into his univers with theirs wishes. He even wish to travel between dimensions or your drawings or favorites movies or books you probably know among your hobbies. But his awful curse give him a price ; fear as black ink and blind his eyes of scary things or is own reflection. If somebody read this please just let me a sign. I decide to show this to the world, because right now I am scare of me or my future since where I am everyone think I am weird, naive or strange because of my cover face, my accent or my appearance. Disney close his doors and I don't know where to go or what to do for make my drawings alive or keep going. I write this with my deep feelings. Please don't steal my characters for selfish reason or at least help him to fly again among the dreams and the univers out side my windows or through internet. I am only a human like many peoples I know or who try to fight in this worlds between light and Ink. My dream was to succeed and become somebody I really wish deeply since I was still fool or a kid when I was on a parade in disneyland paris for play and ride among my favorites heroes. Even if I was stranger, and my family was just passing through one day.
Arnaud Garden, is a wizardly kid who want to appear and tell his story among the other stories. He is my life and
we can't fly or run outside the worlds without dreams. I wasn't able to show him until this day and I think I really need hope, courage, or even care. Because I am sinking in the deep black ocean of forgiveness. I want to suceed, but I need help today. And I will be glad to make new friends with you and other dreamers like.

EdoRyan; know as Arnaud W.M. Madarno The dreamer.

-Please let me a comment and if you can help me just let me know.
I have even begin to fight my anxiety for show my work: Here some link for you:
Page du CODES de MADARNO – Les rêves peuvent se réaliser; ils ne demandent que des mains pour y arriver.
Arnaud "Madarno" Würm-Munoz on Behance
Le CODES - Accueil
Arnaud Garden and Me the wizard of Montreal
Here is my OC and other appearance; Arnaud Garden my OC and it belong to me and only me!
(Please respect the copyright right below my logo as well copyrighted in the same time!)
I suggest you to follow me on my new page on wordpress and Facebookin the same time.
I will be glad to see my toon form character (On the right with the red jacket) to travel in your Bubble-world or univers!
Page du CODES de MADARNO – Les rêves peuvent se réaliser; ils ne demandent que des mains pour y arriver.
Le CODES - Accueil
«See you around a universe pals and other Ideelians!»
-Un québécois named Arnaud
When you are seeing a celebraty
No matter what it look like or where he came from, when you find a star or a celebraty catch a picture to post it to facebook!!!
When you try to catch the ultimate photo
When you are still trying to work for disney or even try some job like National geographic...Or if you are simply in design graphic with photographic lessons, you really want to freeze and catch the best of the best pictures.
For the cindies with their damn stepmmothers
When you know a inoccent girl rules by a mother f***** like a b***** (sorry for the language precision)
Just deal like them, silently but surely by broken their mind and scare to death to see their eye «more open».
Oh and ask politly like french noblessity! «Soyons diplomate s'il vous plaît et tâchons d'être un gentlemen!»
Here two years now, we face the apocalypse of the 12/12/12, Now as the 12/12/15, I'm actually begin my quest as explorer, artist, dreamer and passionated of art, animations, comics and magic of imagination about folklore, mythes and stories or legends whatever to write my first mind on this journal.
I wish to know, what you want to know about me or what I can do. If you want something special. Even a sketch, even a request.
Not by hopeless,I actually know "what it is". Because I'm quiet to share publicity things on my page. I don't really care if I don't have enough things to show up everyday. But I really want to talk, or even share my though or mind about things, through art, movies, or video games. If you read this, just one time or just check a look. Let me know on comment. Thank you for the love of passion about dreams and arts.

Edo Ryan,  Madarno alias Arnaud W.M


EdoRyan's Profile Picture
Arnaud. W.M.
Artist | Student | Other
Artist, Dreamer, BD comic designer and draw I made drawns from everything around me ; place, friends etc. And I turn them into fantastic character and world from my imagination for my projects.
I'm called as the MAD Artist for my friends online or in my life. But please don't annoyed me with it, or my next prey will be your face on my magic draw book as my new character Hihihi X)

WARNING: This is only a joke and only for playing for fun with my name and personnality life "only" out of business so don't annoyed people and person with their private life on the net. Respect free life and hobbies. Thank you very much!

I like meet people passionated for movies and animations.
Dreamers who like to be a hero or a fiction character as fairy, magician, Easter bunny, Santa crew, nagas hypnotics, cats from Egypt, lions from savannah kingdom, clowns from circus, furries, steampunk members and everybody. I invite to enter in my university with me. Write me a comment for talk with me :) !


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Thank you! :) Oh and sorry for the late reply, I was busy and in "Voyage" for Holidays. :)
EdoRyan Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Student Artist
You welcome jack'o'lantern one. ;)
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Thank you Pheagle-Adler!
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thanks for the watch! :)
EdoRyan Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Student Artist
thank you Crimson, I know it's strange, but you and Draco give me some ideas about character for a project of mine I'm working now since 11 years by now. Some characters into a dragon world like fantasy medieval with knight and about friendship and tolerance in the subject. I'm quiet a dreamer, what's why I'm calling myself the Mad Artist, because I'm dreaming and make drawings my imagination or my interpretations about people around me or through the world and the net. If you agrre I will be very Happy. That's okay if you don't want. Just I want to drawns for my imagination and creativity as everybody. I'm somehow very particular just like I told it in my story the comic book I posted on my gallery: (Arnaud/Adrien).
EdoRyan Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Student Artist
Thank you!
Crimson-Dragon-King Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Your Welcome! :)
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Hey Crimson, if you was a dragon just like you told me, and if you was a prince and twin brother red as your are, what do you wish?
You remember Smaug (i like this dragon in Bilbo even if he is evil), but I wish to made one nice and good for good sakes with an inspiration from you. ;) See you soon! and Merry Christmas!
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Draco56 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2015   Writer
Thank you very much for your Watch, it means a lot to me. :)
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