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Here a story I made from my imagination and inspiration for Ray Bill who is a passionated about snake and bears and especially the jungle book :) I was so sorry and sensible then I decide to built him this character even if I think he is strange or «creepy» like five night at freedies or old tv kid show too much crazy in 80s or 90s... Well, I hope he is quiet good.

"Once upon a time in my Univers of consciousness far away of the stars and your dreams..."

If you asking who is keeping babies in clouds and with teddies, storch or dolls beyond the sun the great bear or even stuff like rainbows, well I think you should not asking the subject since I know a polar stary bear who work for the great bear. His love for kids or even kindness was so crazy or strange he get power of hypnosis and brainwashing mind for put babies as kid naives, inoccent but still small or little for crudell or crazy stuff games for occupied them before leave with storchs. I hope he will stop to put everyone crazy or not serious and live like into a children school garden with stuff not serious. Maybe someday I will tell you what he done but maybe I will tell you if he will stop by meet my character Arnaud who is not a kid to brainwashing or take to a baby ever.  

(Please this story and this character belong to me and only me. It's the first time I publish a drawing in the net with all my courage for share with you some of my world. Hope you liked this storie. Please respect the copyright for the love of drawings and imagination respect my request. This really mean to me.)
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February 24
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