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24022017C3CODES by EdoRyan 24022017C3CODES by EdoRyan
Here my Queen or look like godess of spring or Easter. (Don't copy it >:() this is one I am proud to design. I have a lot of interpretation about Ginnifer Goodwin who is playing Snow-White in favorite series Netflix Once upon a time (With The Beaudelair Orphan of course actually) and of course her act as a rabbit in Zootopia for Judy Hopps. I hope to see her and give her a copy one day at a conference or maybe to a comiccon. (Big Dream) I don't know if she would like to be such as this but I am sure she would like it. May I present you Queen Eostra a rabbit who care about rabbits and her rabbits like those in watership down or Ferngully. But I think she could be very strong like Bunnymund in the Five gardian (One of my favorite character I know.)

(Please this idea and this character belong to me and only me. When I publish a drawing in the net I need all my courage for share with you some of my world and brave my fears. Hope you liked this character. Please respect the copyright for the love of drawings and imagination respect my request. This really mean to me.)
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