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24022017C4CODES by EdoRyan 24022017C4CODES by EdoRyan
Here another one I really want to share with you because I care for the one I made this character. His name is Gord, and he live in Ontario not far from Toronto. I met him when I was in summer holidays near a lake which his job is to teach mushroom and their particularities. But That's not the point. The point is I see him all alone with his case of mushroom (Beautiful and wonderful like into a fairy tale or Harry potter movie) But the sad thing it was nobody came; kids wasn't interest on him or his passion. I was curious and then me and my two sister I care very much we learn a lot of stuff about mushroom. Believe me, I don't see mushroom like into Mario bros or even Alice in wonderland from disney. If I publish it here on devianart it is because I care about him and I want you share this storie. And tell you there a lot of thing to know from people or grown up we don't listen or just say they are old or strange. But they are the true heroes and magicians. Believe me, I think we the young generation, we must learn and listen our parents or old people like our guide in the univers and teacher for many possibilities. I name this character «Professor Lactarius» it's a blue mushroom he like very much for his color and shape.

(Please this idea and this character belong to me and only me. When I publish a drawing in the net I need all my courage for share with you some of my world and brave my fears. Hope you liked this character. Please respect the copyright for the love of drawings and imagination respect my request. This really mean to me.)
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