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26022017C1CODES by EdoRyan 26022017C1CODES by EdoRyan
Here a picture I made by interpretation and inspiration of LupaWolfe which I hope to show in a storie about halloween and werewolf clans. May I present Silva Gwenda daughter of a Big bad wolf black and very tricky wolf like his black wolf father for catch girls or littles boys very fool to catch werewolfs or wolf in woods. Especially for food or lollipops maybe. But she is hiding a little bit some of heart maybe... As werewolf, you can eat people or swallow them into our magic stomach who can keep food for a whole week at least you try to unzeep it like a jacket jean. But if you try it, you need to be a wizard even a hunter must have power for did such trick like into your fairy/scary tales very weird who are such cute these days...

(Please this story and this character belong to me and only me. It's the first time I publish a drawing in the net with all my courage for share with you some of my world. Hope you liked this storie. Please respect the copyright for the love of drawings and imagination respect my request. This really mean to me.)
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February 26
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