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Here two years now, we face the apocalypse of the 12/12/12, Now as the 12/12/15, I'm actually begin my quest as explorer, artist, dreamer and passionated of art, animations, comics and magic of imagination about folklore, mythes and stories or legends whatever to write my first mind on this journal.
I wish to know, what you want to know about me or what I can do. If you want something special. Even a sketch, even a request.
Not by hopeless,I actually know "what it is". Because I'm quiet to share publicity things on my page. I don't really care if I don't have enough things to show up everyday. But I really want to talk, or even share my though or mind about things, through art, movies, or video games. If you read this, just one time or just check a look. Let me know on comment. Thank you for the love of passion about dreams and arts.

Edo Ryan,  Madarno alias Arnaud W.M