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I critique for help, as an amator and student as you James :
I wish to say you did a job "excellent" as a professional ! Colors and textures for the font, the fur for the chinese dragon is beautiful.
The pose need somehow "more" dynamism, especially the arms. But that's ok and correct here. (You can work on proportions and poses of the body with some help in books or train yourself by use the old technique of draw by a model for the next time ;) .)
The character is Beautiful or "Magnifique" like I say. The expression on the face is cute, nice and suggest a spirit of friendship and a style for your dragon. Like an avatar or a hero who wish to bring peace in his world.
(Like a manga or graphic comic novel.)
Colors can remind the pokemon Mewtwo in Pokemon (By the fact it's a creature originally form asia and Japan in popular mangas and video games today).
But here James, you made something more "original":
The character here seem to be a hero like Spyro dragon, instead a evil one like Mewtwo in Pokemon movie 1 in the beginning.

For help you, train yourself about poses and dynamism for the body. It will be more beautiful with some training you'll see it with time.
But you did a character very cool and attractive.

I said Bravo James and Congratulation!
Continue and don't give up ; you can do it more amazing than you though! ;)

As I said : "The dreams and imagination need hands for be come true!"

Edo Ryan alias Madarno, The Mad Artist ;)
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